We Were Seen - a novel

My taut and twisty psychological thriller, WE WERE SEEN, is available now from Amazon in paperback, hardback and digital editions, published by The Book Folks.

A woman is made to pay dearly for an innocent mistake…

Kim Morgan is a college lecturer and local councillor in the slightly run-down English coastal town of Seagrave.

She is involved in protesting a proposed development that will build a golf course on marshland, thus impacting the local environment.

A fight breaks out at a public meeting about the plans, and Kim is rescued by a handsome guy whom she has a romantic dalliance with.

But she then discovers that the young man is an adult student at her college. If anyone finds out, it could ruin her career.

And someone has found out. Someone saw her. Someone took photos.

Torn between coming clean about her mistake and giving in to blackmail, Kim’s life begins to unravel…

WE WERE SEEN is set in my fictitious east coast seaside town of Seagrave (as previously seen in DON'T GO BACK and STILL WATERS RUN) and features Kim Morgan, who makes a terrible mistake one evening. Unfortunately, someone sees her and is determined to make her suffer...

I started writing this, my sixth novel published by The Book Folks, in August 2023 and, once again, it was plotted out with my good friend David Roberts on our Friday Night Walks. I decided to set it in Seagrave again, since I love the town and I've added a few previously unseen locations (including a college and a tourist information office), while the Empire Pier and Golden Nugget re-appear from DON'T GO BACK.

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