A Killer Amongst Us - a novel

A night beneath the stars, a few steps away from murder…

Jo doesn’t like camping but her trepidation about a guided hiking trip with her husband is offset by the promise of a rewarding pampering afterwards at a luxury spa.

The walk starts well. The moorland scenery is stunning. But on reaching higher ground, another hiker stumbles on some scree and careers into Jo, almost sending her over a steep edge.

She can’t help but feel he did it deliberately. And to add insult to injury, her husband seems to take the man’s side.

During the evening an argument brews around the campfire. To Jo’s horror, the next morning a member of the group is found dead.

What was meant to be a relaxing time in nature is now a fight for survival, and Jo must make a critical choice about whom to trust.

A KILLER AMONGST US is a totally immersive read, full of nail-biting suspense. 

A KILLER AMONGST US is set in the Northumberland National Park and features Jo Harper, whose husband arranges for them to go on a guided hike (with overnight camping). She isn't keen but, beyond the general level of discomfort, there's unease with some of her fellow walkers. And then, when she discovers there's a murderer within the group, a nerve-racking fight for survival ensues...

I started writing this, my fifth novel published by The Book Folks, in December 2022 and, once again, it was plotted out with my good friend David Roberts on our Friday Night Walks. 

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