The Hunter's Quarry - a novel


Has a professional killer got the right target in his sights?

A woman is being hunted by a ruthless assassin. She has no idea why. Surely he must have confused her with someone else…

But you can’t exactly go up to someone who is trying to kill you and ask why. You can call the cops, but will they believe you? And can you trust them?

Single mum, Rachel, must use all of her wits and ingenuity to escape this threat. Maybe she can even turn the tables on her pursuers. But first she’ll have to find out what they want...

THE HUNTER’S QUARRY is the third gripping thriller novel by Mark West. Look out for his other standalone titles, the psychological thrillers DON’T GO BACK and ONLY WATCHING YOU.

If you enjoy fast-paced crime fiction full of suspense, you’ll absolutely love this book!

* * *

“You have something he’s willing to kill to get back.  You just don’t realise it yet…”
When Rachel Turner inadvertently comes into possession of a mysterious package, dropped into her handbag by a woman later killed for the item, she finds herself the target of a deadly pursuit from a ruthless gang of criminals.  As the net draws in ever tighter, Rachel needs to use her wits to stay alive.

THE HUNTER’S QUARRY is set in and around Hadlington, the same town as my second novel, Only Watching You and takes place over the course of one suspense filled night. Again, it was written during the lockdowns and plotted out with my good friend David Roberts on our Friday Night Walks. 

THE HUNTER’S QUARRY is a relentless novel of suspense, with plenty of twists and turns.

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