Seaside Psychological - a box-set

The great team at The Book Folks have created a box-set of my Seagrave-set stories, entitled SEASIDE PSYCHOLOGICAL - three novels perfect for a holiday read, whether that be at the beach, on a staycation, a city-break or a bench in a pub garden.

DON’T GO BACK is “a captivating thriller about a woman whose past suddenly catches up with her.

When Beth receives news that a once-close friend has died, after years away she reluctantly returns to the seaside town where she grew up for the funeral. Things become increasingly unsettled as she encounters people from her past, visits her teenage haunts and is forced to remember the awful summer when she left for good. Yet it is not just memories that are resurfacing, but simmering resentments.

Someone else hasn’t quite so readily put their past behind them, and unwittingly Beth will become the key to their catharsis.

In STILL WATERS RUN, it is late summer in 1985 and sixteen-year-old Dan and his recently divorced mother visit a Seagrave holiday park for a much-needed vacation.

Shy Dan soon strikes up a friendship with a girl of his age, quirky and pretty Charlie, and his mother is swept off her feet by a suave local property developer. Yet a shadow is cast over their stay when one of the camp attendants, Mia, goes missing. And things go from bad to worse when her body turns up near the town’s derelict lido.

Charlie draws Dan into her efforts to discover the truth about Mia’s death and the pair quickly find themselves in deep water. This could turn out to be a holiday that mother and son will remember for all the wrong reasons, if they survive.

WE WERE SEEN - my latest novel - features Kim, a college lecturer and local councilor in Seagrave, who is involved in protesting against a proposed golf course development that will wreck protected marshland near the beach.

When a fight breaks out at a public meeting, she’s rescued by a handsome guy whom she has a romantic dalliance with. But then she discovers he’s an adult student at her college and if anyone finds out, it could ruin her career. And someone has found out. Someone saw her. Someone took photos.

Torn between coming clean about her mistake and giving in to blackmail, Kim’s life begins to unravel…

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